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  Sandy Spring Volunteer
Fire Department

“With our diverse mission template, which includes Flat Water, Swift Water, Inland Flooding, and Ice Rescue, DIB Rescue Boats afford the most stable and durable platform we can find. Our most important asset is our people. Our biggest concern is ensuring they all go home at the end of their shift. DIB Boats give our folks the tactical edge, and best chance to ensure that this is accomplished.”

Mark Brown
Sandy Spring Vol. Fire Dept. Inc.
Special Operations Division
Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service
River Rescue & Tactical Services (RRATS) Team
LFRD Training & Recruitment Coordinator

  • Facilitated Recovery
  • Reinforced Transom
  • Advanced Rigid Deck Inflatables
  • Cohesive Vulcanization
  • Military Grade Materials
  • Made in USA
  • Pressure Relief Values
  • Selective Reinforcing
  • Swiftwater Proven
  • Shallow Depth Capable
  • Platform Stability
  • Years of Service
  • Quality for Competitive Pricing
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